msncheck.41m dot com


I reported suspicious activities on this website recently msncheck dot 41m dot com to the SANS institute. They were offering to let people know who blocked them on MSN. But that required that you enter your MSN credentials (e-mail address/password). Do you remember you should never give your password to anyone?

I must admit they looked fair and honest since they were recommending you to change your password before and after, so that they don't know your real password. But the thing is: do you have an idea of how much e-mail addresses they can harvest this way? That is an easy way to build a list of addresses to send spam or phishing...

Now the site is down, but I don't know if my report has anything to do with it... I'll ask.


ugob said…
I asked the SANS and they said they did report the site, but didn't get any news about it.

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