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How to download EPEL packages that are retired

I always enable the EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux)   yum repository on my Red Hat (and similar) systems. However, some of the EPEL packages that I use freqently have been recently orphaned, then retired as per EPEL's policy . I found a way to download them manually.  Of course they're not updated but for these packages, I don't mind.  One example is nmon.  I'll show you how to manually download nmon even though it's retired. You have two options. The first one is to go there: (for RHEL7-x64). The second is: First go to this  URL . At the top, enter "nmon" in the search box, then press Enter. Search for the version you want.  In my case, it is the EL6 version, so I clicked on it, and it sent me to this  URL On that page, there are download links for the source RPM and all the different arch.  In my case, the arch is x86_64, so I just had to click on the  download link . A few seconds lat