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Exchange Replacement : Scalix

I was looking for a way to satisfy a group of users who were used to work with Microsoft Exchange, but are familiar with the performance and reliability of Linux, and would like to save money in the process of getting their own collaborative server. I had a list of potential replacement packages: Kolab Open-xchange Scalix OSMER Opengroupware Egroupware Horde Gordano @mail Bynari Kerio Zimbra Which one is the best? I can't tell... Which one won? Well, Scalix. Why? Because of native Outlook connectivity(note: you have to install a free software on your Windows PC, free for up to 25 users Ease of installation No database required Very nice (AJAX-based) webmail interface We're still testing it, so I'll keep you posted on the results.


Recently, I (re)discovered a very nice lizard species: Skinks. In fact, I knew blue-tongued skinks, and I discovered prehensile skinks. Prehensile are especially nice, since they have a prehensile tail, their tail can support the weight of the lizard. Here is a picture of a magnificent one (see left): I really think it is the ideal lizard: Vegetarian or omnivore (many people don't like feeding their pet with live insects), and very calm. I wish I could beed them, but I don't think it is realistic. They cost about 200$ each, and it requires a lot of time and care. I can just hope that skink reproduction will raise in my area.

Asterisk VoIP

I now have a PBX at home, based on Asterisk, and it is amazing... It is incredible the quantity and quality of features that it includes. I really love it. I've been helped by someone who works with that all day long, but I'm getting more and more comfortable at configuring it and the related hardware (IP phones, ATAs). Hopefully, I'll be completely able to install Asterisk servers on my own.