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Recover a deleted Exchange 2007 mailbox when the AD user has been deleted as well

I had a challenge this week.  I never played with Exchange's  Recovery Storage Groups (RSG) and I had to restore an Exchange mailbox that has been deleted.  The user left the organization a while ago and I don't know why, I couldn't find the .pst that we usually create before deleting the user and mailbox. We use EMC Networker for our backups, but it cannot restore a mailbox if the mailbox has been deleted.  The answer from EMC: The user has to restore the information store (IS) to the RSG and from there, contact Microsoft to find how to export the mailbox out of the RSG. Of course, I didn't contact Microsoft, but I found that: So here is what I did: Following the EMC Networker module for exchange admin guide Created the RSG in Exchange Management Shell (EMS) Created the Mailbox Database in the RSG (in EMS Restore the Mailbox Database using Networker (which restores it to the RSG) Then, I just us