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Blackberry to Android

We recently moved away from Blackberry mostly for cost savings. We went with Samsung's Galaxy S Infuse 4g (why such a long name???). Here is my analysis after a few months of use:
Pros of the Samsung: Nice touchscreenA real screenI'm almost as fast on the touch keyboard than on the BlackBerry's physical oneA lot more applications15$/month less expensive on the data plan compared to the BlackBerryWhat I dislike about the Samsung Bluetooth voice dialing not working with my car radio anymorePoor battery lifePoor antennaCalls that cut on the highwayCalls getting very bad voice quality once in a while, for about 20 secondsGPS signal losses are very frequentI just talked with a support rep at my provider and he says that most problems can be solved by shutting down the phone and starting it at least daily. I'll try that.
What I miss from the BlackBerry: BlackBerry TrafficMore robustBetter 4g signalEasier to find holstersThe red LED that let us know that there is something newR…