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Blackberry to Android

We recently moved away from Blackberry mostly for cost savings. We went with Samsung's Galaxy S Infuse 4g (why such a long name???). Here is my analysis after a few months of use: Pros of the Samsung: Nice touchscreen A real screen I'm almost as fast on the touch keyboard than on the BlackBerry's physical one A lot more applications 15$/month less expensive on the data plan compared to the BlackBerry What I dislike about the Samsung Bluetooth voice dialing not working with my car radio anymore Poor battery life Poor antenna Calls that cut on the highway Calls getting very bad voice quality once in a while, for about 20 seconds GPS signal losses are very frequent I just talked with a support rep at my provider and he says that most problems can be solved by shutting down the phone and starting it at least daily. I'll try that. What I miss from the BlackBerry: BlackBerry Traffic More robust Better 4g signal Easier to find holsters The red LED that let us know that ther