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Installing milter-greylist on centos4

Download and unpack the tarball, then cd into itInstall (from this site)
./configure --with-libspf2=/usr/lib --enable-dnsrblmakedo a 'make install' or use 'checkinstall'Copy the init scriptTest

Can't resist...

What one would do to avoid an impossible physics question...? Here.

MySQL 4.1 on CentOS3


This is more of a reminder for me, but may be usefull for anyone who needs MySQL 4.1 on RHEL 3 or one of its clone.

The trick is to download mysql-client, mysql-server, and mysql-shared-compat. The latter is the most important as it makes the mysql rpm that comes with the distribution unnecessary. If you don't install it, or if you install the mysql-shared-standard package, you will be forced to re-install mysql (the 3.23.x client) if you are using php-mysql. By installing the mysql-shared-compat, you provide the prerequesites for php-mysql, so you can just download all the new MySQL packages in a directory and do a rpm -Uvhf MySQL*.