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Installing milter-greylist on centos4

Download and unpack the tarball, then cd into it Install (from this site ) libspf2-1.2.5-3.i386.rpm libspf2-1.2.5-3-devel.i386.rpm libspf2-1.2.5-3-progs ./configure --with-libspf2=/usr/lib --enable-dnsrbl make do a 'make install' or use 'checkinstall' Copy the init script Test

Can't resist...

What one would do to avoid an impossible physics question...? Here.

MySQL 4.1 on CentOS3

Hi, This is more of a reminder for me, but may be usefull for anyone who needs MySQL 4.1 on RHEL 3 or one of its clone. The trick is to download mysql-client, mysql-server, and mysql-shared-compat. The latter is the most important as it makes the mysql rpm that comes with the distribution unnecessary. If you don't install it, or if you install the mysql-shared-standard package, you will be forced to re-install mysql (the 3.23.x client) if you are using php-mysql. By installing the mysql-shared-compat, you provide the prerequesites for php-mysql, so you can just download all the new MySQL packages in a directory and do a rpm -Uvhf MySQL*.