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nosupportlinuxhosting revisited - backups

During the week-end, the server on which I'm hosted at nosupportlinuxhosting has been compromised using a known security issue with Cpanel.  The staff at nosupportlinuxhosting reinstalled all the software from scratch, which is good.  However, all data was deleted in the process, including the backups.  The staff told me that in such an exploit would have compromised the backups anyway.  They told me to have local backups, saying that we should not rely on server-side backups and to take a backup of my site every time it changes using the cpanel interface.  But... when you're hosting a forum, the site changes everytime someone add or edits a post. So I though that I would give up trying to make them give me a solution to automate the backup process.  It was quite easy because rsync is available in the shell they provide.  And SSH.  So what I did is to create a cronjob in the cpanel' interface that looks like this: /usr/bin/rsync --include=".*/" -ae ssh ~/* backu