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Back to winter Hiking

Hmmm, winter, snow, mountain, ice... Went hiking yesterday. I really love hiking during winter. I didn't know what kind of weather to expect, so I brought my snowshoes and crampons... I came back after the sunset, using my Petzl lamp. I felt good, alone, with the snow and the nature. In fact, I had the feeling that I wasn't really alone out there. Maybe it's because I was getting closer to myself, or maybe it was something else. Or maybe both. Once I got down, I saw 2 persons, looking for their 17-year-old kid and his girlfriend. I offered my help... I hiked another 2 hours. It wasn't easy because I was becoming tired and it is a bit scary, in the dark, alone, in the woods... but at least I knew I had extra food, water and clothes... and when I got back to my car again, I had a note on my wiper, saying that the kid was back and safe, with thanks and their phone #. So I called them to thank them for letting me know and to let them know that I'm also back an