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Using Helium to copy data to another phone

Note; if you're using a Lollipop phone, look at the "Tap & Go" feature. One very nice feature of the BlackBerry smartphones were the ability to perform a "real" full backup of your phone.  This way, you can either reset to factory settings or change phone without losing a single bit of data.  Now that we're using Android phones at work, I had to find an alternative and of course, it would not have to require the phones to be rooted. I decided to try Helium ( and it did a good job.  However, I haven't found a good tutorial on how to use the free version.  I don't mind spending 5$ for a great application, but I thought I'd try the free version first.  The local backups were quite easy to do, but since my goal was to transfer the data to another phone, it was getting quite complex.  You cannot use cloud-based storage for your backups with the free version and you

KeePass enforced configuration

I don't know why but despite all of my searches, I haven't been able to find a good tutorial on how to deploy KeePass with an enforced configuration (set parameters that users cannot change). First, deployment: You can deploy the .msi and the related files using GPO, for example. But there is an easier way: simply copy the KeePass folder that contains the .exe to a network share.  Make sure only admins (only admin accounts, not your regular account). have write access to this share, all other users read-only. To do that you can install KeePass on your computer temporarily an copy the folder that is in the Program Files folder. Second, configuration enforcement: execute the local version of KeePass that you installed for step one.  Set the parameters as you would like them, then close KeePass.  A configuration file will be created in C:\Users\$username\AppData\Roaming\KeePass\KeePass.config.xml.  You can create a copy of this file that you will name KeePass.config.enforced.x