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Outlook 2007 Add-in with OTRS

We are using OTRS as ticketing system for support requests, and since it is an internal system only, we wanted to give the opportunity to our employees (requesters) to state their ticket's priority.  The OTRS client interface allows that, but can't add a CC: address, which is wanted by our users, so we decided to try to develop an Office Add-in that would do the job. I know that we could have used the built-in prorities (Normal, Low, Important) in Outlook, but we wanted 6 levels.  Priorities are important to us because we wanted to have escalation and reports to monitor if the agents are answering and solving tickets in an efficient manner.  So we made 6 SLAs and postmaster filters in OTRS, and the form adds text at the bottom of the message (i.e. SLA=1).  The filter recognizes this text and sets the appropriate header, so the SLA is present in the ticket when it is created.  We also made a GenericAgent job to match the OTRS priority to the SLA of tickets. First obstacle in