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Mountain Bike pics!

I finally found time to upload thes pics of me mountain biking that I like...

A new reptile?

Yeah... I finally went out and got a Ball Python... 3 months old. Calm, eats once a week (and eventually once a month!), I like it. I don't know if it is a female or a male though... Yes, pictures will come eventually...

My favoroite songs...

Just a list of the songs I like most... - Sting: A thousand years, Shape of my heart, I miss you kate - Ariane Moffat: Seul dans sa categorie, Se perdre (J'aime bien le "Se perdre dans ses propre mots, entre un un et un zero), Retourne chez elle - Dave Matthews: Big eyed fish, Crush (funny, a lot of people seem to like Dave's 'Crash', oh, what can a single letter do !), The stone, Captain - Red Hot Chili Peppers: Death of a martian, Sir Psycho Sexy, Breaking the girl - Daniel Belanger: Primate electrique, Respirer dans l'eau, Imprafait - Rush: Animate (Rocks!), Leave that thing alone, Limbo - Beau Dommage: J'aimais l'hiver, Picbois - Ben Harper: Alone - Blind Melon: Paper scratcher, Mouthfull of cavities - George Michael: Careless Whisper - Chicane: Calvaire, Tu peux partir - Claude Dubois: Pas question d'aventure - Coldplay: White shadows - David Usher: Joy in small places - Delirium: Fallen, eternal odyssey - Eagles: Hotel California - Evanescence

How come Pod is dead?

Yeah... Sorry to let you know that my water dragon died... I'm not sure of what happened but he drowned in the aquarium that is in its vivarium... Can't exactly what is the cause, either he died of some disease, or he got into the water and was unable to get out... However, there was some plastic plants that were accessible in the water (as always), so I think it should have been able to get out. Anyway, I can't do anything about it now, it's gone. It happened a couple of days ago so I had some time to think about whether I'll get another reptile or not. I'm tempted about a snake. Less agitated, eats once a month... I'll see later on.