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BarricadeMX: Version 2.0 is out!

BarricadeMX 2.0 is now out! I had the chance to work a lot with it and here is a little review/announcement: New Features (by category): Flexibility Now available in more formats Binaries (yum repository, rpm, FreeBSD package, etc) VMware Appliance (soon) ISO self-install CD (installs CentOS and BarricadeMX 2.0) Combo Tags This allows rules with more than one criteria. Before, you could only say, for example, skip all tests for this IP address. Now you can say, for example, "skip all test for this IP address, then the recipient is". The same can be said for creating more targeted black list entries. Improved spamd support: Can now tag and add headers In the previous version, it could only reject when the SpamAssassin score was above the configured level. Now it is also possible to deliver the message, but adding a tag in the subject or add headers for client-side filtering smtp-delay-checks This feature is very helpful for 2 reasons: Whitelising: In the pre