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MySQL backup tips

From For instance, mysqldump will take dumps conforming to the client’s character set, and your favorite emojis such as 🍣 and 🍺 in utf8mb4 could be corrupt and replaced by  ? in the backup. If you have never checked, do it right now. Just set --default-character-set=binary option — you’re welcome. Or if you missed the --single-transaction option, you are likely to have inconsistent backups (e.g. item changed hands but money didn’t transfer) that are never easy to spot even if you regularly test the recovery procedure manually.

Postgresql tips and links

Free training material (documentation) in French: Free book: Documentation about the internals of PostgreSQL:  The internals of PostgreSQL  Configuration wizards / is a bit different, but can help   Not a wizard, but provides many info about PG instance PG parameters documentation & info  Troubleshooting Observability: what function gives information about which component/process?  You can upload your configuration, get recommendations, etc  Clients psql: PostgreSQL-provided client (command-line) pgcli CLI client with auto-completion and syntax highlighting "Full" list Toad for PostgreSQL Kangaroo pgadmin dbe