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Cacti on CentOS4 Quick Howto

Hi, I've been asked to write my How-To on the CentOS Wiki. I don't want to have to manage 2 versions, so here is the link . Sorry for the inconvenience...


Ah, I do feel good when I solve a complex problem with a simple tool. wget. This time, I wanted to take a backup of the database I have hosted somewhere. The only way to get these databases' backup files is to go the control panel of my hoster, cpanel. Usually, then I think about that, it is too late (as these files are the current databases, so if I just screwed something, these files are useless) I then remembered that wget can send authentication, so I basically use wget in a cronjob that downloads the database files and put them in a folder named after the current day's name. This way, I have 7 days of backup history. I like that :).