What is a hoax? The sound you make when you sneeze? Nah... It is a false rumor. You probaly receive e-mails saying, for example, that a little boy in a foreign country will earn 5 c ents every time you forward this e-mail... Or that a new virus has been announced by Microsoft? Those are not true, but forwarded by people who just don't know how to check.

There is nothing good with these e-mail messages and their only consequences are losses of time for a lot of people. Please don't forward these e-mails before checking if the information they contain is real and true.

But how to do that? I'll give you the means today.
  • You need to know if a message is real or a hoax? Go see HoaxBuster (french) this other site. Anti-virus vendors also have such sections on their website (Mcafee and Symantec)
  • You want to be aware of virus trends? Every anti-virus vendor has a database of viruses (Mcafee, Symantec, Kaspersky). Microsoft is not (as of today) an anti-virus vendor.
Ok, now you've got the tools, so... Please do not forward anything that looks like a hoax without before verifying its veracity. Thanks.


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