Firefox 1.5 is here, with cool extensions!

Good news, the new Firefox is out!

I tried it out and it has been reviewed many times already. I suggest you upgrade, unless you really need one extension that is not 1.5-ready yet. It has a few improvements over 1.0.x, such as:
  • Automatic updates
  • Faster browsing
  • Drag-n-drop re-ordering of tabs
  • Better pop-up blocking
  • You can report sites that are not Firefox-friendly directly in Firefox
  • Many others
I also found many cool extensions thanks to this article. Go there and get cool extensions!

What about security? Well, Firefox 1.5 just got its first security alert. Critical? Nah... far from that. However, that doesn't mean Firefox is 100% secure. But the automatic update feature, it is getting close. It is a lot better than Internet Explorer, since Internet Explorer has roots in the Windows operating system, and Firefox doesn't. This means that a vulnerability in Internet Explorer can typically be more critical than a similar one in Firefox.

But, I really believe that using Firefox for most of your browsing can greatly reduce the risks of getting malware (adware, spyware, virus) on your computer. Since malware activity is increasing quickly, this is a relatively easy way to keep your computer clean, your privacy private, and your money for your dearest activities. Ah, and it is also free! It is definitely worth the try.


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