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Sysadmin day 2010

Don't forget that the 29th of July will be this year's sysadmin day!

RHEL/CentOS SSL certificate generation

I discovered last week that since RHEL/CentOS 3, the recommended way to generate CSRs or self-signed certificates is the 'genkey' command, provided by the crypto-utils. It allows you to graphically choose the key size, and if you simply want to create a self-signed certificate, just answer no when it asks if you want to send the CSR to a certificate authority. It shows at the beginning the destination of the created files, but I'll give you a hint (if my memory is good...): /etc/pki/tls/private for the key /etc/pki/tls/certs for the certs

It is important to have good contacts

I made many good contacts helping & getting help on the MailScanner mailing list. This is where I got to know Michele Neylon from It mostly started when I shipped him Linux cds to Ireland, but don't think it would have been necessary to start by a favour. Recentely, one of my contacts had a problem with their domain name and even tough Michele must be very busy, he took the time to send me some advice pretty quickly. Thanks Michele! By the way, his blog is at

Migration to Google Apps completed

I decided to stop using my own mail server and migrate my accounts to Google Apps. Fairly easy and now I get many features... Website, docs, mail (with good anti-spam/virus system, and gmail webmail interface), etc. The migration was quite easy as I configured Gmail to get email in my inbox via POP3s, so as the MX propagates, I get all my mails in the Gmail account, even if they reached my old server. I copied my sent items folder via IMAPs. I should have done that a long time ago... And I installed Gmail for BlackBerry, so I have my e-mails in a separate interface. Google Apps even manage the abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses!