MailScanner & al

Have I talked about MailScanner and its friends yet? Well, I guess I should. E-mail security has been my favourite topic in computing since I discovered MailScanner, which is an e-mail security package allowing one to filter spam, viruses, dangerous content, phishing attacks in an efficient, secure and robust way. It works with many other products (SpamAssassin, DCC, Pyzor, Razor, DNSBL for spam, up to 12 anti-virus engines, phpListAdmin, MailWatch, mailscanner-mrtg and Vispan for management/reporting) to provide a very complete solution. I also maintain a web page for the Most Asked Questions about MailScanner. I currently manage a MailScanner server here at home, one at my employer's premises, 3 for an e-mail security firm (Lastspam) and 9 for another one (FSL). Ah, and I'll probably install it on the primary mail server for FSL has worked very hard to develop SMGateway, which includes MailScanner and all the packages I just mentionned, with a very nice web interface to set preferences by domain, user, etc... For an appliance, you may want to check DefenderMX. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on MailScanner or e-mail security in general. The mailing list is also a very good reference.


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