How come I forgot to talk about music... I try playing guitar as often as I can. It is really relaxing and helps me forget about the day's stress. I even started composing a couple of years ago... The result is quite good and I probably have about 10 compos up to now. The problem is that I'm a better composer than player. By this I mean that my compos are often a little too complex for me to play them perfectly. Maybe if I end up buying a classical it would fit my style (a lot of fingerpicking) better.

For now I have an acoustic guitar and an elecric bass: The acoustic is a Jasmine (can't remember model). Jasmine is the lower-end brand of Takamine. The electric bass is a hand-made MF. I'd love to be able to eventually put all those songs on a CD. I'll probably give it out. I lack time for practicing and playing with other musicians. I think that my music is good, but it would be even better with a little piano (or other instrument) and maybe some percussion around it. Here is my latest compo and one that features my friend on the piano on a short impro session.


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