Web hosting at 1$/month? Possible, but without support

I just started using No Support Linux Hosting.  It is cheap, but you must have a minimum of knowledge to be able to use this hoster.  Since I don't need hi-performance, redundant servers or super support staff, I thought I'd give it a go.  It looks nice up to now.  Here are the details:

  • It is 1$ a month and that gives you access to the cpanel control panel
    • One domain name hosting (you have to register it, though)
    • 1 GB of disk space
    • 10 GB of monthly bandwidth transfer
    • 25 mail accounts
    • 1 mailing list
    • 6 sub-domains
    • 3 MySQL databases
    • Daily backups
    • DNS management
    • 2 easy-install packages: phpBB and Wordpress
    • Shell access via SSH!
Just for the shell access, it is worth it for me, as I often have to do some http or smtp testing from "outside".  I'll probably post again in a few weeks or month to comment on this hoster.


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