Security software for Windows

My laptop will celebrate his 7th birthday in a few days (Dell D800).  It is not very powerfull, but has been quite reliable (I change the hard drive once, that's it).  I've always used Kaspersky to protect this computer, but I knew it was expensive on resources.  Since this laptop is limited in cpu power, and, especially, memory (1 GB RAM), every upgrade made it worse.  And I recently updated Kaspersky Internet Security to the 2012 version and it killed my laptop.  Well, not totally, but made it almost unusable.  And I had a few problems in the upgrade.  I think I had problems with all my Kaspersky upgrades.  This time, it cut my network connection (Wow, now it's secure, but useless!), so I had to uninstall it and reinstall.  Once this problem solved, my laptop started hanging for no reason.  So one night I had enough and decided to uninstall it and try Microsoft Security Essentials.  I don't like Microsoft that much, but this solved my problem right away.  Now, I can even whish to make my laptop last 8 years!


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