How to convert a file to a pbx-friendly format (8kHz, mono, PCM ulaw) with Audacity

  1. In Audacity
    1. Edit – preferences – import/export – When exporting tracks to an audio file – use custom mix (done once)
    2. Open source file (mp3 or flac)
    3. Select Project Rate (bottom left) → 8000
    4. File, export
    5. First time only:
      1. Select “Other uncompressed files”
      2. Click on “Options…”
      3. Choose Header → WAV (Microsoft), Encoding → U-Law
      4. On the Advanced Mixing Options, select 1 channel and add the unmapped channel to Channel 1 by clicking on the unmapped channel (it will get red borders) and then click on Channel: 1.
      5. Click OK
      6. Click OK at the “Edit Metadata” window
  2. Right-click on the output file, properties, summary, Advanced, make sure that:
    1. Channels = 1 (mono)
    2. Sample rate = 8kHz
    3. Format = CCITT u-Law


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