How to extract images from MS Word document (very usefull for screenshots and documentation)

I use Dokuwiki for almost all of my documentation needs. One downside of this system, compared to MS Word, for example, is that you can't simply create a screen capture, then paste it in your document. However, I learned a trick today:

  1. Put all your screen captures in a MS Word document
  2. Follow the trick here to extract all the images to a folder.  If fact, you simply save your doc in the "HTML (filtered)" format.
  3. Rename all your image files and upload them (one-shot) into dokuwiki using the media manager, in the namespace of the page you're creating
  4. Use the media manager interface to do a trial and error session to determine the code you need for your images, or the syntax help.
  5. Copy-paste, then edit the name of the image for each image in your document.
Hope this helps!


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