I was looking for a way to reduce my VoIP bills.  I only use my VoIP lines to make long-distance calls and my provider forced me to spend at least 50$/year, which I never really used.  Someone recommended me voip.ms and I did the move.  I almost did the move for my home phone but when I called my home phone provider, they agreed on giving me a 15$/month rebate if I'd stick with them.

voip.ms is very good because:

  • Their prices are really good
  • They offer a broad range of products
  • For the price of a VoIP line, you get all the functions of a whole PBX
    • Voicemail
    • Ring Groups
    • IVR
    • DISA
    • Multiple phones on the same account
    • Callback
    • Etc.
Up to now, 100% reliable.


Frankk deGat said…
Can you please let me know what the term VoIP stand for?
As for me I need a home phone that will allow cheap long distance phone call. the one I am currently using cost me more than $60 a month depending on the need to communicate with family and friend abroad.
ugob said…

VoIP means "Voice over IP", which is a way to make phone conversations use computer network (instead of conventionnal circuit-switched telephone networks) as medium.

ugob said…
Have you thought of using skype to communicate? It is free if you call from skype to skype and there are affortable monthly plans to call regular phones (landlines).

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