My personal PC's backup plan

Here is my personal backup plan for my Ubuntu home desktop:

  • I use Dropbox for my small files.
  • I use mondo for bare-metal recovery.  I exclude from mondo backups /home so it doesn't take too much time and hdd space
  • For /home, every user on the computer has backintime configured
  • I put my mondorescue and backintime backups in an external, USB hard drive.  I own two of them, so I always keep one of them at my father's house and I swap them about every two months.  When I do the swap, I use rsync -aHv --delete /media/Backup2/ /media/Backup1/ | tee rsync.log to sync the "old" backup drive with the "new".  The -H is important because backintime uses hard links and if you don't use this option, you'll end up multiple copies of your files, which will take way too much hdd space on the backup drive.  Thanks to Vivek!


ugob said…
For those who are interested, here is the script I use to execute the mondo daily (nightly) job:

logger -i -t mondo Mondoarchive operation started


if /usr/sbin/mondoarchive -optionsblabla

echo "Mondo Success!!, start=$DATESTART, end=`date`" | mail -s "Mondo success"
logger -i -t mondo Mondoarchive operation successfully terminated

logger -i -t mondo Mondoarchive operation failed
echo "Mondo Failure" | mail -s "Mondo failure"

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