Pfsense upgraded to 2.0-RELEASE

I finally had time to upgrade my home firewall (running on a WRAP) to 2.0.  The current release is 2.0.1, but I didn't want to run a FreeBDS liveCD to alter the image, so I used the premodified images available at  Up to now, everything is running smoothly.  I just installed 2.0 on another CF card, then booted from it.  I had to configure the interfaces manually (using serial port), then I could log on to the default IP address, then restore my backup config.  Then it rebooted and everything was fine except that the DNS forwarder service didn't start automatically, I had to start it manually.  I'll eventually reboot to see if that was just this time.  Thanks to the pfSense team!


ugob said…
The services started correctly after a reboot.

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