Starteam migration to Subversion

At work we have been using Borland's Starteam for a while for our SCMS (Source Code Management System).  I don't know it is good or bad, as we have simple team, but when I asked for additionnal licences, I found out that their prices are very high: 1 Named user: 750$, 1 Concurrent user: 3900 (discounted by 50% at the moment I asked for a quote).  And add to that 22% yearly maintenance cost.

As we already started using Subversion for other projects, we decided to move from Starteam to Subversion for all of our projects, but our concern was of course how to import all the project versions from Starteam to Subversion.  Thanks to a nice company named Polarion, it is possible with their svnimporter tool  This tool is available to migrate from other SCMS to Subversion with support for CVS, PVCS, VSS, ClearCase, MKS and Starteam.

It took me some time to figure out how to run the tool (which is java-based).  At first I just used the tool and dumped data on my own Windows workstation, but when I tried to load the data on my Linux svn server, I got errors.  Also, apparently the Starteam implementation has problem with Starteam tags, but I didn't mind and set it to import the trunk only.  Finally, I managed to run it on my Linux svn server easily and it creates the repo automatically and loads the data in it.  Our biggest project took 88 to import.


Leo said…
Planning to do that here...
Can you post how did you manage to do? Mini how to?
ugob said…
Did you download the tool? It is quite self-documented. You have to edit a comfig file and start the command... At first I tried it on my Windows PC, but found out it was easier directly on my Linux-based SVN server.

If you have specific questions, please let me know.

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