BarricadeMX: The ultimate spam-fighting app, server-side


I have tried FSL's BarricadeMX software at two of my client's site. This piece of software is a giant step in the battle against spam.

What is it?

It is an SMTP proxy, which does many, many tests during the SMTP transaction in a very efficient way. If one test fails, it rejects the message with a 5xx SMTP reply, so the sender should be notified. Il also implements Greylisting in a more intelligent manner than most current Greylisting implementations.

I installed and configured it for 2 clients which are in a different situation: One is a high-volume, multiple servers setup, and the other is a smaller setup with only 1 scanning server.

On the big setup, it allowed this client to stop the delays they were experiencing and the spam-catching rate is a lot higher. It also simplfied management.

On the smaller setup, I enabled BarricadeMX's clamd and spamd support. This way, viruses are blocked at the MTA level, and any spam that scores over a defined parameter. In this case, I chose to block anything that gets a spamassassin score over 15.
It is a lot easier to manage than the previous setup (FSL has a yum repository, so updating is very simple). I also got rid of the quarantine, and now every false positive gets notified.

I strongly recommend BarricadeMX to anyone who has a Unix/Linux server on hand. It will eventually even run on Microsoft Exchange!

You can try BarricadeMX for 30 days for free. I suggest you ask for the pricelist at the same time, because once you've tried it, you won't be able to let it go!


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