My favoroite songs...

Just a list of the songs I like most...

- Sting: A thousand years, Shape of my heart, I miss you kate
- Ariane Moffat: Seul dans sa categorie, Se perdre (J'aime bien le "Se perdre dans ses propre mots, entre un un et un zero), Retourne chez elle
- Dave Matthews: Big eyed fish, Crush (funny, a lot of people seem to like Dave's 'Crash', oh, what can a single letter do !), The stone, Captain
- Red Hot Chili Peppers: Death of a martian, Sir Psycho Sexy, Breaking the girl
- Daniel Belanger: Primate electrique, Respirer dans l'eau, Imprafait
- Rush: Animate (Rocks!), Leave that thing alone, Limbo
- Beau Dommage: J'aimais l'hiver, Picbois
- Ben Harper: Alone
- Blind Melon: Paper scratcher, Mouthfull of cavities
- George Michael: Careless Whisper
- Chicane: Calvaire, Tu peux partir
- Claude Dubois: Pas question d'aventure
- Coldplay: White shadows
- David Usher: Joy in small places
- Delirium: Fallen, eternal odyssey
- Eagles: Hotel California
- Evanescence: ...
- Gowan: A criminal mind

I like too many of them... gotta go to bed, I'll add other ones as time goes by... Gnite!


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