A few words on milter-greylist, especially because the new version (3) is now RC6 and looks pretty stable. What are the features of milter-greylist?
  • Per-domain and per-user settings.
  • Friendly networks whitelisting
  • Multi-MX sync (database is replicated many mail servers if needed)
  • SMTP-AUTH support
  • SPF records: can be configured not to impose GreyListing to messages that are SPF-compliant
  • Access lists with DNSbls
This last option is new in version 3. It is very nice: it allows one to configure milter-greylist to impose GreyListing if the source IP is on (configurable) DNS black lists (DNSbls).

I've installed it and it decreased the number of messages/day by about 60%. I only had to whitelist one server.


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