Other Linux Distro?

So, I don't really like Fedora Core 4 up to now. Very slow and a little too buggy. Still haven't found out how to get my second monitor to work, but I'd already like to try another linux distribution. I downloaded the Debian Netinstall iso and Ubuntu DVD. I tried the live-cd part of Ubuntu. Nice, sleek, full of packages available easily, including proprietary software (Wow... Acrobat Reader 7). It seems to be more stable than Fedora, but I only tried it live for about 30 minutes. I wonder if I should backup my Fedora installation before replacing it by Ubuntu. Or maybe Debian? I'm still not sure. I'd like to have something that just works. I can sometimes hate Windows, but Windows XP on my laptop just works and is stable. I just hope Linux on the desktop could be like it is on my servers. But is a different game. On servers, I run no graphical interface and no complex (or new) hardware. The setup on my servers are a lot more simple than what I want it to be on my laptop. Well, I won't be doing that today, so I'll keep you informed.


Jeremy said…
Have you tried Tom Adelstein's performance articles yet? My desktop install of FC4 was pretty solid right out of the box, but my girlfriend's laptop needed some help. Tom's tweaks made a night and day difference in performance on her machine. It might be worth a try if you're going to dump FC4 anyway.

Linux in Government: Optimizing Desktop Performance, Part I
Linux in Government: Optimizing Desktop Performance, Part II
Linux in Government: Optimizing Desktop Performance, Part III
ugob said…
Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for posting. I went to see the sites, but it haven't made much of a difference, since:

-I always disable unnecessary services.
-I didn't have much trouble with Firefox or OpenOffice
-My computer was not swapping.
-The hdparm settings were already optimized
-The color depth was already at 16
-I don't care about the spash screen.

In fact, what bugs me most is that one of Eclipse's menu is broken and I can't checkout a project using CVS. Can't work without that. Someone suggested a fix, so I'll try that tomorrow. Another thing that makes me mumble is that I put Thunderbird on a separate desktop. Then I come back to my main desktop. Then I go back to Thunderbird's desktop :Frozen. Kind of unusable :(.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your tip and, BTW, how did you find my blog?

Jeremy said…
No problem, sorry it didn't help more.

I found you by doing a search for Fedora Core on Technorati.

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